Bird, Robert B.

Phone: (816) 769-9689


Address: P.O. Box 272
Stillwater, OK 74076

Areas of Law:

Bio: Bob is a Mentor in the following practice areas:

Bankruptcy:    Chapter 11, 12, and 13 reorganizations

                       Chapter 7 liquidations and “reorganizations”

Section 523 and 727 objections to discharge when fraud or conversion of collateral has occurred, including intensive discovery techniques.

Federal and State foreclosures

Federal civil false claims and qui tam actions including use of civil investigative demands and other intensive discovery in Federal crop insurance and farm program payment areas.

Federal administrative hearings including judicial review of administrative decisions.

Legal advice on loan making, grant making, and loan collection of direct and guaranteed loans by USDA.  Significant time spent on advising on Article 9 issues of the Uniform Commercial Code for loans secured by personal property.

Assisted in criminal prosecution at the Federal level for a significant number of cases arising out of general fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and criminal conversion.